Isaki Lacuesta

He was born in Girona in 1975.
He studied audiovisual communication in the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona and did masters in Creative Documentary in the Pompeu Fabra University.
His first long movie, Cravan vs Cravan (2002), won prizes in various international festivals. La leyenda del tiempo (2006), is second long movie was awarded in different international festivals. The two movies have been “Premières” in Spanish movie theatres.
He also directed various short movies for exhibitions and wrote scenarios for long movies. He teaches in Masters of Documentary in the Pompeu Fabra University, the Universidad Autónoma en Barcelona and in the CECC. He collaborates in different Medias, writing articles about cinema, music and literature.


Caras vs. Caras (1999-2000). 15 min.
Cravan vs. Cravan (2002). 100 min.
Microscopías (2003). 20 min.
Ressonàncies magnètiques (2003). 10 min.
Esbozo (2004). 5 min.
Teoría dels cossos (2004). 5 min.
Nummulits (2002-2006). 30 min.
Mar Palau (2006). 16 min.
Saber nedar (2006). 4 min.
La leyenda del tiempo (2006). 109 min.