Historia chiquita que cruza un océano

Historia chiquita que cruza un océano
45 min | Spain | 2004

The film is the story of a young couple who leaves their country, Uruguay, when the military dictatorship was at the offing. It was a graduation trip around the world during which they decide to stay in Barcelona. And they will never return again.

As a narrator, a girl who discovers the story of her parents through the travel letters and forms her identity as a daughter of immigrants.

The process of uprooting and “rerooting”.

Original format: 
DV. Colour

Marcelo Bueno, Jimena Echartea, Jordi Llorens Musoles, Maria Alcáza
Lilia Villafuerte
Sesi Bergeret, Jordi Llorens Musoles
Sesi Bergeret


Mención Especial en el VII Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos DerHumALC (Argentina) 2005
L’Alternativa, Festival de Cine Independiente de Barcelona 2004
Festival Cinematográfico Internacional de Uruguay 2005
Festival de Málaga Cine Español 2005
Muestra Internacional Documental (Colombia) 2005
Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Video Documental Independiente (México) 2006
Muestra Internacional de Vídeo de El Salvador 2006
Mostra de Cinema e Direitos Humanos na América do Sul (Brasil) 2006

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