The idea to create interdocnet stems from a rather surprising fact: Many good documentary films which are presented in festivals, even those which are award winners, are never released or edited in the traditional commercial system. As a result, the films are irretrievable, invisible and to some extent end up disappearing.

Every year hundreds of great quality films are produced, offering different visions of the world from those of the television and cinema industry. These films never get the opportunity of being viewed by the public because no suitable broadcast medium exists.

interdocnet attempts to provide a solution to this problem, acting as a connection between the viewer in search of quality material and the good documentary films, which are often marginalized by the film industry.

The films found on this web site are on many occasions self-produced by filmmakers or are the fruit of a low budget production. Therefore, one aim of interdocnet is to provide independent filmmakers with a budget, which allows them to continue making films. For this reason it is very important that viewers pay a small fee for every viewing. If we can repay the filmmakers for their work, we enable different world visions to be expressed.

Pablo Morales Canedo
General Manager


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