What is Interdocnet?

Interdocnet is a website which allows you to watch and download quality documentary films simply by paying a small fee for each film you watch or download.

Why pay to see a film on Interdocnet?

Because each film generates incomes that allow film directors to live from their work and to be able to continue making films. The small amount of money paid is almost an ethical question, a support to a certain kind of cinema and visions of reality.

How to see films?

In order to see a film, you have to pay a small amount of money with a bankcard. This amount varies depending on the length of the film and the viewing type. There are two possibilities:

- See the film through streaming, using the Flash, which is available for all the web browsers.
- Download the film in DVD quality. This option is not available for all the films.

Once you have realized the payment, you will receive a code on your e-mail that you can use within 4 hours to see or download a film.

The whole process is done in a easy and secured way.

Is the payment system secure?

In order to insure the security of all the transactions, Interdocnet uses the payment gateway of a bank.

This payment gateway is hosted in a secure server in which the cards information will be registered before being sent through the Internet, thus preventing the capturing of it by a third party. The bank takes in charge the management of the payments. Interdocnet only receives a notification that the payment was made correctly.

What are the fees?

Up to 30 min: 1 €
From 31 to 60 min: 2 €
From 61 min and more: 3 €

Up to 30 min: 2 €
From 31 to 60 min: 4 €
From 61 min and more: 6 €

What is the connection speed required for the Streaming?

The image quality of the streaming should function correctly with a connection of at least 1 Mbit/s.

What is the quality of the downloaded image?

The downloaded image is that of a DVD, that can be seen directly on the computer or can be burned on a DVD in order to see it on any kind of DVD reader.

We can only see films on Interdocnet?

Interdocnet is also a space for ideas, thinking, debates and meetings on the documentary film taken in its full meaning.