Au-delà du supermarché

Au-delà du supermarché
10 min | Spain | 2007

When we go to the supermarket, we can very simply buy meat, which is clean, well cut and handed on hygienic plates. We can reach it very easily, without any efforts. But how did this meat arrive to the supermarket? What links the animal alive to the piece of meat on a plate? What is there beyond the supermarket? Au-delà du supermarché tries to show death, blood and violence that are hidden from our eyes and that denature the reality where we live.

Original format: 
DV. Color

Pablo Morales Canedo
Pablo Morales Canedo
Pablo Morales Canedo
Pablo Morales Canedo


Premio del Concurso de Cortometrajes del Baix Llobregat (2007)

Text on the film

There are a lot of things that are at the base of the mechanism and the imaginary of our society, and that are in a way obscured or ignored. I’ve tried to link two parts of the same reality: that of the meat in the supermarket (the part we know), and the transition from life to death in a slaughterhouse (the part we obscure). Maybe it is unpleasant for us to see animals dying, but it’s only through this death that we can consume meat. Ignoring the reality is about ignoring the real nature of things and about understanding the word strangely.

This film is not pro vegetarian, it is only pro reality: to eat meat we have to kill animals. Then each one can chose what he prefers, but with consciousness of how things really are.

Pablo Morales Canedo.

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